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Let our expert patent attorney, Mark Torche, assist you with your patents. Whether you need a provisional patent, utility patent, or design patent, we are here to help you.

A word from Mark Torche: “I am passionate about helping private inventors and small businesses get the intellectual property legal help that they need. My father was an inventor who had many of his inventions stolen. I recall him trying to get a patent attorney to help, but it was intimidating and very expensive. When I worked for law firms, I found that we couldn’t really offer much to the struggling inventor who didn’t have at least ten to fifteen thousand dollars to pay for a patent. I founded Patwrite Law with the goal to educate, answer questions, and keep our fees within reach of the private inventor and small business.”

About Mark Torche

Types of Patents


Provisional Patents


*Provisional Patent Government Fees:
Micro-Entity — $75.00
Small-Entity — $150.00

Utility Patents


Our fees – includes all drawings and forms necessary to file your application

Simple Application — $4500.00
Complex Applications — $5000.00 to $6000.00

*Utility Patent Government Fees:
Micro-Entity — $455.00
Small-Entity — $830.00

If we prepared and filed your provisional application for you, we will credit one-half of the provisional fee towards your utility patent application. Contact us for more information on receiving credit if we filed your provisional patent application.

Design Patents


*Government Fees:
Micro-Entity — $255.00
Small-Entity — $510.00

Patent Attorney in Iowa

Patwrite Law is based in Marshalltown, IA. If you are looking for a patent attorney in Iowa, please contact Mark Torche by phone or email.

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